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I've a fair few jobs and my last employed job was with Virgin Atlantic. I spent almost 10 years in a various roles before ending up in IT and being made redundant.

At the age of 54 I wanted a fresh bagel but could I find someone who made local fresh bagels? Nope! I could buy a bag from Tesco but it still wasn't what I was looking for. I travelled to London and to Brighton and although I found some bagels, I didn't find a bagel that I would go back for..all the way back for... so I bake my own artisan bagels.

Ok so they weren't the best bagels initially but I got better and when my friends started to ask if I'd sell them bagels the coin dropped :-) Now I bake bagels virtually every day and although I am not as big as the big bagel companies in my first year I have baked over 10,000 bagels and that's a lot bagel to bake in a domestic kitchen.

There has been a lot of scary media recently about facebook and people selling food on Facebook. I don't blame Facebook, I blame the people who are buying the food from people who don't open the front door fully! 

A little while ago we registered with Horsham council as a home food business and as of today we are still waiting for an enviromental health visit so that they can give us a rating.

**So that we are clear, I cook these bagels in my home. This was a hobby and now a small business that I share with anyone who wants to know more or want to share my passion for bagels. You will always be welcomed to enter my home and see for yourself how I bake my bagels. I do not have a "backroom" kitchen nor do I buy part baked bagels. Everything is cooked in my kitchen and when you collect you will be encouraged to come in, not have your bagels thrown at you from some hole in the wall or a door that is ajar.