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Fellow neighbours of West and Mid Sussex thank you for visiting my website.

I never knew that I had a passion for bagels until I was forced into baking my own. Now not a day goes by without me having one. You too can share my love for artisan bagels. Just order by 3pm the day before you need them for collection or delivery the day after you have placed the order. You really can't beat a fresh bagel!

If you live local to me Pulborough, Storrington, Adversane, Billingshurst, Five Oaks you can order anytime up to 3pm the day before and delivery can be the next day. Otherwise please see below. 

**This is my delivery schedule:

Mondays and Tuesdays Pulborough and surrounding area.

Wednesday: Ashington, Findon, Worthing, Goring. Order by 3pm the day before.

Thursday: Southerwater, Horsham, Crawley and Horley. Order by 3pm the day before.

Friday: Southwater, Partridge Green, Cowfold, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath. Order by 3pm the day before.

Saturday: Arundel, Littlehampton, Chichester: Order by 3pm the day before.

** There is normally a delivery charge of about £3 but maybe more. **Schedule subject to change.

If you would like bagels outside of these days please get in touch before making the order.

I bake a premium artisan bagel handcrafted with the finest of flours from Canada and the United Kingdom. Everything is considered from the weight of the bagel to the exact oven temperature to the finest ingredients and 99% of our packaging is recyclable.

Eating one of my bagels is an experience and not just a scoff. You have to take time to savour flavours such as rich dark chocolate, the sweet cinnamon the sun dried tomatoes and mouthwatering olives.

I only bake to order in batches of 10 and 5s so I have a minimum order of 10. While 10 may seem a lot of bagels, you can freeze the bagels on day of delivery and then they'll stay fresh for whenever you want to use them. They take about 20 minutes to thaw out.

Because I only bake to order I am unable to offer a "selection" box but you are welcome to buy boxes of 5s

I don't use any artificial colouring or life extenders or additives.

The plain bagel has nothing more than flour, water, salt, sugar , yeast, syrup, olive oil and egg for glazing. If you go for the specialty bagels then it is the same as the plain bagels but also have either English cheddar, onions, olives, Red Leicester and Sun Dried Tomatoes. 

You are welcome to collect but please remember to order first, the day before you need them.

You will find me at The Old School, Stane Street, North Puborough, RG20 1DJ. Which is right next to Gay Street Lane on the A29.


I have written the ingredients that I use above but please check with me before making any purchases if you are unsure. I do not use meat but may use nuts in my bagels. Vegetarians and vegans should ask for bagels without egg glaze. I do use seeds in some of my bagels and sometimes you may find seeds in your bagel even if you have not asked for them.

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