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5 Cheese and Onion Bagels

Fill that hole with a tray of  5 Fresh Cheese and Onion bagels.




5 Everything Bagels

This is a typical New York style bagel. The difference is that I am baking it for you.


5 Plain Bagels

This is a tray of 5 fresh plain bagels.

You have to order a minimum of 10 bagels but you can use these as 5 towards your 10.



5 Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Bagels

OK, have you ever had a Chocolate Chipped Cinnamon Bagel? 

Generally people don't know about these but this is another well kept secret and one is never enough so here we have  a box of 5



5 Blueberry and Cinnamon Bagels

5 Blueberry and Cinnamon Bagels need I say more?


5 Sesame Seed Bagels

If you like Sesame Seeds then try these 5


5 Poppy Seed Bagels

A fantastic bagel for poppy seeds lovers. Get your 5 today


5 Jalapeno And Cheese Bagels

If you like spicy and savoury then you're going to love these.

5 Jalapeno and Cheese Bagels


5 Seeds Bagels

5 X 5 seed bagels. 

If you like seeds then you'll loves these.


5 Raisin And Cinnamon

5 Raisin And Cinnamon bagels cooked to perfection.