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Free Deliveries?

I am so pleased that the majority of customers who buy from me expect to contribute towards the delivery. I know, who would have thought that a delivery cost anyone any money but it does.

In order to deliver you need a delivery vehicle, in my case a van. The cost of the van is around £20,000. Then you also need someone to drive the van, lets say at £15 per hour. Now, lets say that I deliver up to an hour away. That means that it's a two hour round trip. So if someone orders a box of bagels and they are an hour away, that is going to cost me a minimum of £30 to deliver and that is because I have to pay wages for 2 hours plus the cost of running the vehicle!

Now I could build in the cost of the delivery into the cost of the bagels but that would mean that a box of bagels would now cost in the region of £30 a box :-)

Luckily the way that I deliver means that I don't just drop off one box of bagels. There are usually several and for that reason we ask for a small contribution towards the cost of the delivery unless you happen to be within a couple of miles of where we are.

That said, there are still some people who expect free delivery no matter where they are including the lady from Haywards Heath who expected a delivery of two bagels and free delivery!

Apologies if this sounds like a rant but it isn't meant to. I just want to let people know that nothing is free. Someone has to pay for everything.

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