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The Jacob's Bagels Story

This is our why. Why we do what we do. How we come about. Follow our journey and be part of our story.

Jacob's Rewards Programme

Jacob's Rewards are for people who love Jacob's Bagels and may want to order regularly. That said if you signup you also (sometimes) get discounts.

But what is it all about and how does it work? 

OK, that seems like a fair question. It is really very simple. You get a card from the delivery driver or drop us an email and we'll drop one off with your first order. You earn 1 bagel sticker for every box of 10 bagels that you buy. When you have 10 bagel stickers you can claim your free box of bagels.  

** You are a member from the moment that you ask for a card. We cannot give you stickers for past orders so get it quick :-)

That is the easy bit.

Things that we can't do is: replace lost stickers. If you lose it you lose it, so look after you cards and stickers. We can't give you stickers for past orders, so start it ASAP. There is no financial alternative so it's either bagels or nothing :-) They are non transferable so only you can use it. Other Ts and Cs apply so get in touch if you're unsure but basically it is simple, buy bagels collect 10 stickers, claim box of bagels :-)

I don't know how long I will be running this for but in the event that we pull the programme I will honour any stickers that you have by giving you bagels :-)

And remember that it is 1 sticker for every 10 bagels that you buy not 1 stick for every visit :-)


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Bagels for Diabetics
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