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The Jacob's Bagels Story

This is our why. Why we do what we do. How we come about. Follow our journey and be part of our story.

The humble plain bagel

This is the plain bagel made with organic flour, salt, yeast,  malt  extract and water.

This humble bagel is under estimated because it’s so versatile in what you can do with it.

Could for example add some cream and some strawberries and make it a very sweet bagel or you could add some meat  and cream cheese to make it a savoury bagel.

I prefer my bagels fresh and I eat my bagels within 8 to 10 hours of baking but a lot of people tend to leave the bagels for the following morning and toast and that is because they like the bagel to take in the air around and possibly make it a little firmer.

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The Cheese and onion bagel